Q: How should I travel to San Sebastian?

A: We offer Private Jet services or can book commercial flights for you. You’re also welcome to book tickets yourself if you have any specific travel preferences.

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions (allergies, diet, culinary preferences, religion, etc.?)

A: Just let us know and this will not be not an issue. We can customize different types of meals for any restaurant included in the trip. The area is rich in a wide variety of products, so we will definitely find what most fits your desires.

Q: What if I don’t want to spend my entire vacation in San Sebastian and I would like to travel around Spain and Europe?

A: In Smart San Sebastian we provide not only experiences in the city itself but also throughout different parts of the Northeast of Spain. This includes places like Bilbao, La Rioja, Zarautz, Getaria or even the South of France where cities like Biarritz or San Juan de Luz can be visited by our clients.

We can also provide different options to those who would to travel to cities farther away; we can provide tours through cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada or Toledo. We also provide experiences around Europe in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, London or Rome among others. Ask our logistics team and they will reply to all of your inquiries. For these kinds of journeys we can also provide Private Jets to guarantee our clients’ comfort.

Q: I don’t really know what I should pick to make my plan.

A: This is actually great news for us. If you tell our logistics team about your main preferences, we will custom tailor a plan adapted to your vacation days.

Q: I want to surprise someone.

A: San Sebastian is one of the best places for surprises. Its multiple gastronomic choices, the quaint “Old Town,” the very romantic La Concha Beach and the warm people of the city allow us to help you with your event.

Thanks to the city and also to our team, we give our clients the opportunity to experience something unforgettable with friends, family, loved ones or colleagues.

Q: Seeking discretion?

A: If you just want to spend some relaxing days in San Sebastian in privacy, we will manage that so you do not need to think about anything.

Q: When is the best time to travel?

A: Since the experiences we offer revolve around food, there is no specific season to travel to San Sebastian and its surroundings. Restaurants are open almost the entire year and most of the offered activities can be experienced any season.