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San Sebastian is very well connected, with three major airports within an hour drive: San Sebastian (EAS), Biarritz (BIQ) and Bilbao (BIO). It is a city open to the world; a city that welcomes the best people every year.

Basque Country

We help our clients enjoy not only San Sebastian, but also the rest of the Basque Country including Bilbao, Vitoria and La Rioja. We also expose our clients to the south of France where beautiful cities like Biarritz, Saint Juan de Luz, and Bayonne are located.



San Sebastian, known as Donostia in the Basque language, is a city with a long history. Its origins date back to the 11th century and the city has had many important events over the years. Its strategic geographical location allowed the city to host the first International Film Festival. In the 19th century San Sebastian became the capital of Gipuzkoa and the fishing and commercial port was reopened.

In 1863 the Spanish Royal Family built the emblematic Miramar Palace as their summer home, marking the beginning of the period known as La Belle Epoque. The end of the century saw the construction of the Casino (now the Town Hall), the Victoria Eugenia Opera House, the Maria Cristina Hotel, and the Arts and Crafts School. San Sebastian became a cosmopolitan city known as “Little Paris”.