In the following document the different terms and conditions are cited to travel to San Sebastian with Smart Events S.L. (SE henceforth):

– All trips are conducted in a personalized way unless the customer requests to travel in groups open to more people. This is why it is not necessary to reach a certain number of passengers for the trip.
– SE reserves the right to change the prices of services provided prior to purchase thereof for reasons beyond its services as may be; variations in fuel prices, airline tickets, hotel reservations, VAT changes, etc.
– Once selected and defined the planning of the trip by the customer, it may not be modified in any way by it.

The price includes: (Everything mentioned here refers to what is included in the planning)

– Pick up at the airport the arrival day to the selected Hotel.
– Private transfers for all shifts previously agreed to various activities such as; restaurants, tours, museums, walks and to all the activities agreed by SE and the client.
– Personal assistant for all kinds of activities and plans are carried out.
– Accommodation in hotels or customer selected including breakfast.
– Dinners and selected by the customer on custom menu with different selected restaurants meals.
– Entrance to museums and various locations established payment.
– Bottled water for home visits, walks and guided tours.
– Rates of hotels, restaurants and museums.
– Staff required for optimal performance of the trip as; tour guides, personal assistant, private driver, customer service, logistics coordinator for each if necessary.

Price does not include:

– Flights to San Sebastian or around the country from the city of origin.
– Rates of airports, visa arrangements, cost thereof, excess baggage and similar in both international and domestic flights.
– Price taxes (VAT)
– Domestic flights within the country.
– Trip Cancellation insurance or health or loss, theft or damage to baggage. In any case, SE offers this service to anyone who requests it. Highly RECOMMENDED.
– Tips for tour guides, drivers, hotels or restaurants buttons.
– Excessive drinking over menus at selected restaurants and included in itinerary.
– Consumption of extras in hotels; room service, laundry, internet, telephone calls, bar, restaurant, or mini-bar among others.
– All kinds of consumption or expenditure not as stipulated in the agreed agenda; shopping, gifts, and more.
– Lunch or dinner for staff of SE in any restaurant included in the holiday package (assistants, translators, managers, etc..).
– Service of bars, pubs or clubs included in the planning. This extra spending like over drinking in restaurants or hotel services such as laundry, mini-bar or other is considered.

Ways to travel:

– Flights to San Sebastian from fate and destiny are not included but SE offers the possibility of managing the service in different ways as they can be private jets or commercial airlines both business and economy class. Consult SE agents the possibilities.
– At the same time, depending on the way to travel, it is important to check the amount of luggage and the weight thereof depending on the option chosen. Check information.
– Cancellation of flights may involve different types of penalty. It is advisable to take out insurance to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

Prices and agreements

– The price includes all the above as well as SE reserves the right to break down the final price of the trip.
– All travelers not belonging to the European Union should be responsible for managing traveler visa.
– The passport to enter Spain must have a minimum validity of six months prior to entry. Such arrangements should be handled by the client.
– The price stipulated is per passenger in double room for two people. If traveling one person should be notified in advance and on cost will be added to the final price of the trip.
– The total extra costs both restaurants (cost overrun custom menus), hotels (room service, mini-bar, laundry, bar, restaurant, internet, calls, etc..) Or transport services (travel request not on the itinerary), among others, will be charged on the last day of travel in a single payment to pay the client SE.

Payment terms:

– The booking is formalized when paid 30% of the total amount of travel by each passenger. This payment is not refundable in any case.
– Another 30% payment of the sum will be held 60 days before the departure and the remaining 40%, 31 days before the arrival to San Sebastian. In case that the reservation is carried out in less than 30 days time, the whole trip will be charged at time of booking.
– All payments to Smart San Sebastian are guaranteed by the bank BBVA
– All checks targeting Smart San Sebastian must be approved by the bank BBVA
– Payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer and checks.
– Any financial cost caused by different forms of payment will be added to the total price of the trip so that the traveler who will take that amount.


– All cancellations must be notified to Smart San Sebastian to make it official. This is the cost of cancellations:
– More than 91 days: 30% of the total amount of the trip (not refundable in any case).
– Between 90-61 days: 40% of total fees.
– Between 60-31 days: 50% of total fees.
– Less than 30 days: 100% of total program.
(We recommend purchasing cancellation insurance anyway for peace of mind,)


– SE reserves the right to take all photographs as necessary. In case a traveler does not want to be photographed, just ask the photographer guide at the time of the photos not to take any at this person.

Limits and responsibilities of Smart San Sebastian:

– SE has employees as; tour guides, personal assistants, coordinators and reserve managers or office staff and others. That said, the company is not responsible for any fraudulent act that any subcontractor to perform. These are some as subcontractors; shuttle, hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and various activities.
– SE also takes care of different aspects that may occur to the client that may affect the course of the journey as they can be; natural disasters, riots, strikes, mechanical failures, civil wars, arrests, riots, overbooking in transportation or even physical damage by third parties.
– SE is not responsible for any property loss, damage to baggage or the like.

Notices traveler:

– Spread of the traveler managing paperwork to allow entry to Spain as; visa management, cost thereof, validity of passport and all it took.
– Any payments to SE is considered a formal reservation. In any case it will be necessary to sign the relevant contract to formalize the trip. If the payment is made, the contract is not signed and finally not traveling, the customer will automatically forfeit the deposit.
– Any activities planned on the journey can be affected by as much possible cancellations due to force majeure as can be; storms, heavy rain, riots, floods, strikes or any other factor. In any case, SE always tried to do everything possible so that the client will not be affected by any of this.

Check-in immediately:

– If the traveler arrives before the check-in the hotel, it can be managed a direct entry without waiting for a little extra cost. Check this availability when locked flight reservations.

Children Policy:

– This type of trip is not aimed at children. In any case, SE understands that many parents want to enjoy this experience with their children, SE offers a baby sitting service and activities for parents to not have to worry about anything and at the same time they can have some freedom at some points of the day at what it will definitely be the most exciting gastronomic journey ever undertaken.

Health tips:

– Considering this is a gastronomic trip, all travelers should inform SE from different types of intolerances to certain products if any can be had as allergies, celiac disease, lactose intolerance or whatever it might be.
– Any traveler who has any type of physical or health problem (mental disability, physical disability, disease preventing normal, etc.) should therefore inform SE so that everything can be prepared when the traveler arrives.
– It is interesting to travel in good health since there are enough moves side to side.
– If a traveler needs personalized assistance for health reasons, it must pass it to the company so that SE have appropriate care service.
– If the ill traveler intends to bring his own personal assistant must notify SE so that it can be made a 100% personalized plan as to a customer, always depending on your needs and consumption.
– SE is not responsible for possible contamination in beverages or foods ingested by travelers.

Other aspects of travel:

– There is also get standard rooms to book different types of suites or interconnecting rooms themselves if necessary. Ask for availability of the same with SE agents.
– SE is not responsible for any service not provided to its customers for any type of personal illness. Nor will bear the costs of transfers where the traveler is integrated into the group later to other people or have to leave the group for personal reasons before.
– Runs by the traveler all necessary visa information and requirements to fulfill that requires their country to travel to Spain.
– Any service engaged by the client that is not consumed by the customer decision will not be refunded in any case.